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What is your favorite iPad or Android App?

What is your favorite iPad or Android App?

One of the things I love about this platform is how people share things they do and use.  I use the T-Mobile HTC MyTouch 4g Android as my phone and the iPad as my CPU when out and about.

I would like to start a blog that is ongoing and helps EVERYONE find the best apps and the ones to stay away from.  Both for real estate and just everyday apps. Talk about the ones you use everyday; from games to maps to things that help you in your business. Then tell me why you like it or why you dislike it...

  • Fidelity National Financial Title Group - You can go here to see which company you use. Or talk to your title rep.

    • I use the Alamo Agent App the most.  This is by far one of the best Real Estate apps on the market. I use it everyday to show clients all kind of different things they need to know. My number 1 App.

  • The next app I use is the HAR app. This app allows me to have access to my MLS and to see all the info I need as a working agent. It is just a great app. One downside to it is that is will not find you via the GPS location. This is because of the pending lawsuit the Smarter Agent has against most every realtor app out there including the app and Google. It seems Smarter Agents claims to have a patent on finding homes with a GPS on a map... It is a huge lawsuit and Houston did the right thing by not wanting to be sued. I am boycotting Smarter Agent because they are not playing nice.

  • is the next app I love. great interface and love the way it works

  • Foursqare in both iPad and Android is a must.

  • Friendly is a way to view Facebook on the iPad... It is HD ready and is a much better viewing experience than the Facebook app

  • Google Mobile App This is a must on both the iPad and Android platforms. It can be use with voice search. Just say “Home Depot” and it will find the closest one to you and show it to you on a map with the phone number and address.

  • Weather Bug - I have found this weather app to work the best for me.  I like the fact I can see a radar image of my GPS location and check the weather anywhere in the world.

  • Sensorly - It is only available in the Android platform. This app allows you to see what the TRUE cell coverage is for ANY carrier. I have clients ask my about the cell coverage all the time and this app finds me via GPS and show what the actual coverage really is... It is kind of neat to be able to go into areas and show what the coverage is. It will also allow you to send data back to them as to what your signal coverage is.

  • Angry Birds - Okay, I admit it, I LOVE THIS GAME....

  • Dropbox - This has to be one of the MOST IMPORTANT apps I have and use everyday... It just makes my live easy when it comes to having files on every platform I use be in sync with every device I use. This is a must have for every real estate agent...

So, that is the list of apps I use and love... I really only have one app I tell everyone not to use and that is Smarter Agent and that is because of the lawsuits they have filed against my industry and their unwillingness to work out anything with anyone. They are going for a MONEY grab and it stands to hurt our industry.

These are just my opinions and do not represent anyone but me and my opinions.


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What is your favorite iPad or Android App?
What is your favorite iPad or Android App? One of the things I love about this platform is how people share things they do and use. I use the T-Mobile HTC MyTouch 4g Android as my phone and the iPad as my CPU when out and… more
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