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TREPAC/Texas Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee

Ok fellow Realtors®... It is that time of year again... Time to give back to protect your industry... What is TREPAC you ask???

TREPAC/Texas Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee is the non-partisan, voluntary, and non-profit political grassroots fundraising program which supports candidates for federal, state and local elected office who create a favorable business environment where REALTORS® can make a profit, protect the rights of property and homeowners, and enable the real estate industry to flourish.

As one of the largest grassroots fundraising efforts in the state, TREPAC hosts fundraising and networking activities throughout the greater Houston, Texas area.

TREPAC is a great way to get involved and participate in the political process in your industry. If you would like information on how to get involved, please visit our website at

You may ask why do I need to get involved??? Go to TAR'S page and find out the real story...

Visit the NEW HAR Governmental Affairs blog:

The Sept. 27 Houston Chronicle included an article on page B4 entitled, $158 million raised for races within the state. The article includes TAR's $3.6 million as the top 2006 Political Action Committee donor. I thought you would want to see how TREPAC stacks up against other PACs and millionaires who make political contributions from their personal wealth. Here's the link to the article:

The Five Reasons to Invest in TREPAC...

1. Protect yourself, your career and your future by helping to keep the government out of your wallet.

2. Help to make a difference in the real estate industry and support candidates who support our interests i.e.: Association Health Plans, which would benefit REALTOR®  members. 

3. YOU can make a difference! Currently, TREPAC is the largest grassroots effort in the state. And it is through these efforts, funded by our REALTOR® members banding together, TREPAC is able to achieve its excellent results.

4. Participate in fun TREPAC Realtor Community events and network with your fellow peers. 

5. With more than 50 elected officials who represent the HAR membership area, it makes more economic sense to invest $250 in TREPAC, rather than $5 per candidate and /or elected official.

The Five Ways to Invest in TREPAC...

1.      Through TREPAC Fundraising Events. HAR host several fundraising events throughout the year.  Check out the TREPAC Calendar for more details.  

2.      Make a pledge - you don't have to make your entire investment at one time.   You can "pledge" an amount and then make your investment throughout the year at various auctions. Then, you can pay the remaining amount on your pledge at the end of the TREPAC year.

3.      Monthly payments - you can also make arrangements to have your credit card charged a specific amount per month to complete your investment.

4.      Online - make your investment online now.

5.      Dues Billing - the easiest way to make your investment is to add it on to your annual dues payment. HAR gives you this option on your annual dues billing statement, which you receive via e-mail in October and November. 

Remember - The TREPAC fundraising year ends on September 30, so all investments must be completed prior to that date! 

GET INVOLVED.... Before its to late.

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Comment balloon 5 commentsDanny Frank • September 28 2007 07:32AM


I don't believe that TREPAC represents hardworking conservatives who DO NOT support LIBERAL Democrat Rep Pete Rose and RINO Speaker Joe Straus.  It is appalling to me that you are endorsing LIBERAL candidates that do not represent the many conservative members of TREPAC.  We the People recognize that your practice of expecting your members to hand over donations to LIBERAL Democrats has GOT TO COME TO AN END.  You are hurting TEXAS by funding tax-and-spend LIBERALS that will do everything they can to block the defeat of OBAMACare at our TEXAS BORDERS.  I am going to encourage everyone to ONLY support Conservative Candidates and to find a PAC that will not betray Texas.

Posted by Cindy Hyltin about 9 years ago

I demand that you rescind your support of Pete Rose in his attempt at a chairmanship!  This is an outrage to any Texas who loves freedom and democracy.  That you would fund any liberal democrat is an unspeakable damnation to your organization.  Why?  Because today's democrats are working to ensure the collapse of our nation and way of life.  I do a lot of business in the area of realty, and I am engaged to an active player.  Don't think that we won't do everything we can to let real conservatives know what you are doing.

Posted by Jeanne Jacobs about 9 years ago

YESTERDAY AS I ATTENDED OUR dfwREALTORS Government Affairs Committee meeting, we applauded ourselves on our recent election of local officials we endorsed.  NOT ONE OF THEM was a big liberal, a tax for revenues sake candidate, or a believer in more big government is better government like Pete Rose believes. I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE ANY OF MY TREPAC MONEY TO THIS POLITICALLY CORRUPT FUNDRAISER! 

Our local TREPAC rep reported on our "record" contributions and I was getting ready to add more to my own contribution...However, I won't be now!  For all the good Trepac does, this is a monumental error in judgement and it will cost TREPAC FUNDING. 

I have forwarded the email I received about this to a lot of people. 

Posted by Christina Paul about 9 years ago

I was told today that a local politician received a donation from TREPAC.  Who decides on the politicians that TREPAC endorses and gives $ to?

Posted by Amanda over 7 years ago

The HAR Governmental Affairs Department handles and facilitates the screening and recommendation process for those local and state offices that have been approved by the Political Affairs Advisory Group (PAAG) and Board of Directors.  The HAR staff invites each candidate who has filed to run for office to screen with the PAAG and is sent a real estate-focused questionnaire that is shared with the members of the PAAG.  Due to the vast number of candidates, this screening process sometimes takes four or five days of non-stop interviews.  It is an extreme time commitment for those serving on the PAAG, but they realize the importance of electing REALTOR®- and homeowner-friendly candidates to office.  Once the candidates have been interviewed, the members of the PAAG vote on recommendations for each office.  Those recommendations are forwarded to the full HAR Board of Directors for approval, along with recommended financial contributions from TREPAC funds.  Once the recommendations and contributions have been approved, the candidate is informed of HAR’s support and a meeting is scheduled to present the contribution on behalf of the 24,000+ members of HAR.

Candidate Recommendation & PAC Funds Distribution Process

Posted by Danny Frank, The Real Estate Expert (Heritage Texas Properties) over 7 years ago